HSDJETS L-39 120mm EDF Foam Jet, BNHSDJETS (PNP 12S)


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Q: What does PNP mean?

A: It means the aircraft has equipment already installed and tested, for example: servos, ESC, power system, landing gear, control system (UBEC is included but no power supply), light cables (according to the model of aircraft), but clients will have to supply or buy a remote control, receiver, battery, and charger themselves. The aircraft is 90% installed.


Weight22.4400 kg
Dimensions57.6800 × 19.2900 × 13.1900 cm



Wingspan1665 mm (65.6 in)
Length1916 mm (75.4 in)
Flying Weight8.3kg (18.3 lb) with 12S / 22.2V / 5200mAh / 45C Li-Po×2 PCS
Flying time3~5 minutes
Wing area53.6 dm2
Wing load154.9 g/dm2
Main material35 times EPO
Painting surfaceMatte environmental water-borne paint + decal
Suitable experience level□Zero basis □Beginner ■Intermediate □Advanced
PNP Assembly difficulty□☆10mins ■★☆30mins □★★60mins
Suitable for ambient temperature0℃~40℃
Radio System8 channel (required & not included)
Control SystemMFC-2085
EDFS-EDF 120mm-10 blade
ESCHobbywing 160A brushless
Servos25g×2 Metal gear with 80mm lead (Left & Right ailerons forward)
25g×2 Metal gear with 80mm lead (Left & Right flap forward)
25g×1 Metal gear with 80mm lead (Vertical tail forward)
25g×2 Metal gear with 80mm lead (Left & Right Elevator forward)
7.4V 12g×1 Metal gear with 380mm lead with protection function (Nose wheel steering forward)
7.4V 12g×1 Metal gear with 380mm lead with protection function (Front wheel cover plate forward)
7.4V 12g×2 Metal gear with 380mm lead with protection function (Retarder plate forward)
7.4V 12g×2 Metal gear with 80mm lead with protection function (Rear wheel cover plate forward)
Recommended Power Battery6S,22.2V,5200mAh,45C×2,LiPo with AS150 type plug(required & not included)
Recommended Receiver Battery2S,7.4V,2200~5200mAh×2,LiPo with XT60 type plug(required & not included)
Elevator(Horizontal tail)Yes
Rudder(Vertical tail)Yes
LED lights systemYes
Electromagnetic brake systemYes
Retarder plateYes
Reinforced gyroSelective configuration (not included)
Packaging / SizeEPO Inner box + Outer Box /1343×515×450(mm)
CG (Centre of Gravity)120~125mm from the leading edge of the Main Wing
Landing GearsAll metal hydraulic simulation electric retractable landing gear×3
Battery ChargerLiPo battery charger (required & not included)


  • Fuselage×1 pcs
  • Left main wing×1 pcs
  • Right main wing×1 pcs
  • Nose×1 pcs
  • Cockpit×1 pcs
  • Vertical tail×1 pcs
  • Left Auxiliary oil tank×1 pcs
  • Right Auxiliary oil tank×1 pcs
  • Left Horizontal tail ×1 pcs
  • Right Horizontal tail×1 pcs
  • Main wing bolt rod 1 L=598mm external diameter 16mm×1 pcs
  • Main wing bolt rod 2 L=598mm external diameter 10mm×1 pcs
  • Horizontal Stabilizer bolt rod L=600mm external diameter 6mm×1 pcs
  • Decals×1 pcs
  • Accessories Bag 1 ×1 pcs
    • Screw (HM3×10mm)×8 pcs (Horizontal tail)
    • Screw (HA3×10mm)×8 pcs (Vertical tail)
    • Screw (HM4×10mm)×8 pcs (Main wing)
    • Screw (HM6×70mm)×8 pcs (Nose + Fuselage)
  • Accessories Bag 2 ×1 pcs
    • 100mm signal line(JR male+JR male)×8 pcs
    • Wing antenna ×2 pcs
  • HME-262 Manual×1 pcs
  • MFC-2085 Manual×1 pcs


  • 8 channel radio system(radio & receiver) (required & not included)
  • 6S,22.2V,5200mAh,45C×2,LiPo with AS150 type plug (required & not included)
  • 2S,7.4V,2200~5200mAh×2,LiPo with XT60 type plug (required & not included)
  • LiPo battery charger (required & not included)





L-39 S-EDF 120mm PNP 12 Quick Reference Manual.PDF
MFC-2085 English Quick Reference Manual.PDF

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