HSDJETS F-16 105mm EDF Foam Jet, Grey Camo (PNP 12S)


*Not recommended for grass runways – See below
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Q: What does PNP mean?

A: It means the aircraft has equipment already installed and tested, for example: servos, ESC, power system, landing gear, control system (UBEC is included but no power supply), light cables (according to the model of aircraft), but clients will have to supply or buy a remote control, receiver, battery, and charger themselves. The aircraft is 90% installed.

*A: The reason grass runways are not recommended, is due to the size of the undercarriage and wheels, not all grass runways/flying fields are the same, many are rough with divots and if the grass is not smooth, flat or is not short this could rip the undercarriage out and we can’t warranty this. While Tarmac and Concrete tend to be a lot smoother, flatter and more uniformed.


Weight22.4400 kg
Dimensions57.6800 × 19.2900 × 13.1900 cm


Wingspan1245mm (49in)
Length1809mm (71.2in)
Flying Weight6.1kg (13.4 lb) w/ 12s
S-EDF/MotorS-EDF 105mm 4270/750KV brushless
Nomber of EDF Blade11 blades
Cruising speedabout 180 km/h
Flying timeabout 3-5 mins
Wing area47 dm2
Wing load129.8 g/dm2
Main material35 times EPO
Painting surfacematte paint
Suitable experience level□Zero basis □Beginner □Intermediate ■Advanced
PNP Assembly difficulty□☆10mins ■★☆30mins □★★60mins
Suitable for ambient temperature0℃~40℃
Radio System6 channel (required & not included)
ESC160A/12S Hobbywing AS150
Control SystemMFC-2085
Servos25g×4 Metal gear with 150mm lead (Elevator & ailerons)
12g×1 Metal gear with 260mm lead (Rudder)
12g×1 Metal gear with 600mm lead (Nose wheel steering)
12g×1 Metal gear with 460mm lead Rev (Nose door servo)
12g×1 Metal gear with 400mm lead Rev (left door servo)
12g×1 Metal gear with 400mm lead (Right door servo)
12g×3 Metal gear (360°lock Hatch cover)
Recommended MFC-2085 Battery2S,7.4V,1800~2000mAh,LiPo with XT60 or T type plug(required & not included)
Recommended Power Battery6S,22.2V,5000~6000mAh×2,LiPo with AS150 type plug(required & not included)
Elevator(Horizontal tail)Yes
Rudder(Vertical tail)Yes
General landing gear control systemNo
LED lights systemYes
Electromagnetic brake systemYes
Reinforced gyroSelective configuration (not included)
Packaging / SizePacking Box + Outer Box(Card mark)/145.6×51.8×33.7(cm)
CG (Centre of Gravity)178mm from the leading edge of the Main Wing
Landing GearsMetal electric retractable hydraulic landing gear×3
Battery ChargerLiPo battery charger (required & not included)


  • Fuselage×1
  • Left Wing×1
  • Right Wing×1
  • Left Horizontal Stabilizer×1
  • Right Horizontal Stabilizer×1
  • Vertical Stabilizer×1
  • Nose×1
  • Cockpit canopy×1
  • Left missile×1
  • Right missile×1
  • Left tail fin×1
  • Right tail fin×1
  • Main wing carbon tube L=715mm diameter=10mm
  • White Sticker×1
  • Accessories Bag 1 ×1
    • Nylon airspeed tube×1
    • Nylon antenna×1
    • Pull rod(1.5×52mm)×1(Fit the chuck)
    • Nylon rudder angle×3
    • Nylon rudder angle gasket×3
    • Screw (PM3×10mm)×4 (Wing)
    • Screw (PA3×10mm)×4 (Vertical Stabilizer)
    • Screw (PA2×12mm)×3
    • Screw (PA3×15mm)×1 (Nose)
    • Long rocker arm×1
    • Nylon chuck×2
  • Manual×1


  • 6 channel radio system(radio & receiver)
  • 2S,7.4V,1800~2000mAh,LiPo with XT60 or T type plug(required & not included)
  • 6S,22.2V,5000~6000mAh×2,LiPo with AS150 type plug(required & not included)
  • 6S×2 LiPo battery charger








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